Best Tip to Restore Deleted Contact Or Emails in Yahoo


Sometimes, during the cleaning spree, we mistakenly delete important contacts or email from our Yahoo account. And sometimes, we fail to understand the importance of any document and shift to trash and then regret. But thanks to Yahoo email service, you can restore your deleted contact or Email with a few easy steps. Let us discuss the steps here:

Tips to Restore Email from Junk Folder

If you simply delete an email, it will go to the Trash folder. To restore it from there you need to go to the trash folder by clicking on the folder of the same name located in the Left pane of your inbox. In the numerous removed or junk emails find your coveted mail by using the email id, username or any other keyword from the Search box. After finding the email, open it and click on the Move option. You can move the email to the inbox or any other folder as per your requirements.

Tips to Restore the Ultimately Deleted Yahoo Mail?

If you accidentally clear your Trash folder and delete all the emails forever then you can restore it with Yahoo! Mail Restore feature but you have only 24 hours to restore. So you need to take quick action before Yahoo deletes those data forever.  In your inbox, you can see the Help tab situated on the upper portion. First of all click on the Help, and then again click on Help which will be appeared on the drop down menu. Now you can select Emailing: The Basics from the Help Topics. Then you have to select the Deleting and Recovering Mails and then choose Restore Data or Deleted Emails. Now go through the instructions to restore the deleted emails within 24 hours carefully. Fill up the form with required information and click on Submit. Yahoo will send you the emails once restored.

Tips to Restore Individual Contact

You don’t need to restore the whole contact list if you are looking for any particular lost contact. Thanks to Yahoo, you can restore the individual contacts without making a mess in your contact list within 30 days of removing. First of all, launch the Yahoo mail and login to your account with your username and password. Now click on the Contact and then Deleted Contacts in the left section of the menu. You can see the list of the deleted contacts from where you can choose the particular contact. Now click on the Restore Contacts to add them in your existing contact list. Click on the Done button to save the settings.

Tips to Restore the Entire Contacts List

If you mistakenly have deleted the whole contact list, then you can restore it within 30 days. But Yahoo contacts will be brought back the contact list of any particular date. The contacts you added after that date will be deleted permanently. So take required measure before restoring the entire contact list.

To restore it, click on the Contacts tab. Then you need to click on the Actions and select Restore from the Backup. You need to select a date of which the contact list will be restored. Now click on the Restore and then Save.

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